Chemical Parks in Germany

Industrie Center Obernburg

Site ClassificationKey Data
Site Owner
Mainsite GmbH & Co. KG
Site Operator
Mainsite GmbH & Co. KG
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
176 hectares (435 acres)
Total Free Area
50 hectares (124 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure
    Proximity to international Frankfurt-Rhein-Main hub;
    Trimodal logistic connections to four lane freeways A3 and A 45;
    Direct rail terminal and port on the European inland waterway Rhein-Main-Danube;
    Incentives for start-ups, hotline to Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs;
    Well developed contacts to civil administration;
    Single plot of approx. 40ha free for new investments
  • Raw Materials On-Site
  • Services/Utilities
    Full service “Plug&Play”;
    In addition: Full facility management and building services, IT-support, personnel services, as well as finance & controlling services;
    Own power plant on-site provides power, steam, heat and refrigiration
  • R&D
    Free laboratory space;
    Production oriented R&D of companies on-site; Numerous technial and analytical support by Mainsite.
    Research institute for industrial hightech research in the fields of innovative materials, automotive, intelligent systems and automation, energy efficiency, information technology and design science directly on-site.

Target Investors

  • Innovative production companies preferably from the following industry sectors: the chemical industry (especially synthetic fibers, industrial woven articles), polymers and medical devices.
  • Innovative start up companies with ambitious expansion plans from the industries named.

Partners of Site

  • Bayernhafen Aschaffenburg (harbour administration and marketing cooperation)
  • German and Bavarian chemical producers associations (VCI, BCV)
Potential Business Partners

Start Up for reaction technology

Colbond Geosynthetics:
Complex components for civil engineering and drainage systems

Global market leader for viscose fibers for high performance tyres

Dualogis: Logistics

Enka: Viscose fibers for textiles

Excorlab: Lab.-& clinical studies of extracorporal systems

Hemmelrath: Automotive paints

Kraftwerk Obernburg GmbH:
Power/energy ⋅ Membrana Accurel:
Mikro porous polymers & additives

Membrane Adsorption Technologies:
Hightech medical adsorbers

Polyamide High Performance:
Technical PA-fibers

Polyester High Performance:
Technical polyester fibers

Raw materials for membranes ⋅ ZEWIS: Research institute


Industrie Center Obernburg
Glanzstoffstraße 1
63906 Erlenbach


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