Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

A Sustainable Business in a Stable Investment Environment

The country's wind energy industry is one of the world's largest and is at the forefront of technological development. Germany's long mechanical and electronic engineering tradition is the backbone underpinning its current strong position.

Germany's central position makes it an ideal location for European onshore and offshore markets alike. Excellent investment opportunities have led wind energy companies from around the world to base their operations in Germany.

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Germany's offshore wind manufacturing ports perfectly meet the requirements of the heavy offshore industry as well as the related service industry.

Industry & Market Numbers

  • Germany is Europe’s leading wind energy market with more than 5.8 GW of newly installed capacity in 2015 and more than 45 GW of total capacity. (Deutsche WindGuard 2016)
  • Germany’s 9.5% global share of new installations made it the world’s third largest market for new installations in 2015. (GWEC 2016)
  • The country’s wind energy sector employs over 150,000 people. (BWE 2015)
  • Repowering share in new onshore installation amounted to 484 MW in 2015. (Deutsche WindGuard 2016)
  • Germany is one of the leading offshore wind markets. (Deutsche WindGuard 2015)
  • Energy production from wind energy sources can cover 10% of the German electricity demand 2014. (BDEW 2015)

Gross Electricity Generated by Wind Energy Plants | © BWE, 2016; Destatis, 2016; Stromreport Windenergie, 2016

Number of Employees in the Wind Industry | © BWE, 2016

Market | Industrial Infrastructure

MARKET - Market studies show that international companies consider Germany – alongside China and the USA – to be one of the most important wind energy markets worldwide – both today and in the future. The increasing number of offshore related industrial settlements reflects the unparalleled location economies of Germany’s coastline for the European offshore market. To add to the value chain, most of the major international turbine manufacturers are also represented with production facilities in Germany. As well as these top-selling manufacturers, the supplier industry settled in Germany makes a significant contribution to wind market turnover. The year 2015 brought another huge leap forward in terms of global capacity with a new record of 63GW installed (Source: GWEC 2016). Significantly high German company export levels allow above-average industry participation in global turnover. (Source: GWEC 2016)

INDUSTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE - Members of the world's strongest wind energy industry profit from the immediate proximity to leading wind energy companies along the whole value chain, which offer excellent opportunities for partnering.
Wind Industry Networks in Germany | © Germany Trade and Invest

Personnel | R&D

PERSONNEL - Our renowned educational system supplies a large pool of experienced, world-class employees with essential engineering know-how. In addition, several new degree programs educating specialized wind energy engineers have been created all over Germany to cater to the industry's needs.  Stable wages, high productivity, and local manufacturing provides for faster time to market and the "Made in Germany" quality guarantee.

R&D - Germany is home to a number of engineering companies recognized as being the brains behind the latest wind power generation developments - however they might be branded. Close cooperation between Germany's R&D institutes and equipment manufacturers helps maintain an internationally unparalleled competitive edge. They continuously work on optimizing existing technology and finding solutions for technical challenges. Industry and research initiatives such as the newly developed test stands for nacelles, rotor blades, supporting structures and foundations are just some examples of their various fields of activity.

Incentives | Legal & Political Framework

INCENTIVES - In Germany, investment projects can receive financial assistance through a number of different instruments. These instruments consist of public incentives programs available to all companies - regardless of country of provenance. They fit the needs of diverse economic activities at different stages of the investment process. R&D project funding is made available through a number of different incentives programs targeted at reducing the operating costs of R&D projects.

LEGAL AND POLITICAL FRAMEWORK - Germany is world renowned for its highly developed economic, legal and political frameworks which provide investors - in all industry sectors - with the necessary security for their business investments. This is also reflected in the financial sector's position regarding German wind energy projects in the recent financial downturn. Last but not least, "The Renewable Energy Source Act (EEG)", with its remuneration scheme and grid priority for renewable energies has helped avert the financial restraints felt in other sectors of industry.

Physical Infrastructure | Stable Investment Environment

PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE - Germany's infrastructure excellence is confirmed by a number of recent studies including the Swiss IMD's World Competitiveness Yearbook and various investor surveys by AmCham and "Standort Deutschland 2014" by Ernst & Young. The 2014 “Logistics Performance Index“ of the World Bank ranked Germany first worldwide overall and for infrastructure; singling out Germany's extensive and efficient infrastructure for highly efficient transportation of goods and passengers for special praise. In terms of the offshore wind industry's unique logistic requirements, Germany offers attractive and purposefully developed quayside or quayside near sites at competitive prices - ready to serve the demands of the northern European offshore markets.

STABLE INVESTMENT ENVIRONMENT - Social, economic, and political stability provide a solid base for your corporate projects. Our judiciary and civil services are highly professional. Contractual agreements are secure, and intellectual property is strictly protected in Germany.

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