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The Digital Hub Initiative

Germany is establishing itself as a first-choice investment location for foreign investors. Become a part of The Digital Hub Initiative! Contact us now to find out how!

The Digital Hub Initiative

  • promotes new digital business models and a strong culture of innovation.

    Here is how: By bringing together the expertise of established companies with innovative start-up concepts and scientific excellence.

  • comprises of 12 Digital Hubs, each with different fields of expertise and focus areas.

    What's the point? By networking these hubs with each other and with national and international experts from business, science and society, the Initiative drives the digitization of core areas of the German economy. German digital companies are among the world’s most valuable, while traditional corporations and SMEs continue to lead the markets and are at the forefront of digital development in their industries too.

Josefina Nungesser | © GTAI/Illing & Vossbeck Fotografie "Our Trend & Innovation Scouts help foreign investors find the perfect place to settle and become a part of the Digital Hub Initiative here in Germany."

Josefina Nungesser / Director of Trend & Innovation Scouting

Introducing The Digital Hub Initiative


  • The Digital Hub Initiative aims to position Germany as a globally leading digital ecosystem.

    Combining the innovative approach of entrepreneurs and startup talents with the profound resources and skills of established enterprises, the initiative creates digital business opportunities and adds cultural and economic value to both established and growing businesses.

  • The Digital Hub Initiative links together inks together varivarious fields of technological and economic expertise, rooted in twelve digital hubs across Germany.

    Each hub constitutes a unique innovation hotspot. Here, entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and research facilities cooperate to develop concrete programs for the challenges of the digital age. Together the twelve digital hubs form a strong network, enabling the exchange of experts, programmes and ideas.
  • The Digital Hub Initiative strives to build innovative solutions and bring economic growth driven by strong market expertise.

    Its goal is to strengthen Germany’s position as a world-leading digital economy, whilst enabling international talents to realise their business ideas and inviting global companies to invest in the digital innovation built within this network.


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