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Mar 08, 2018

Consulting Service for the Health Services Joint Fund


  • Deadline: Apr 10, 2018
  • Country: Malawi

Health Services Joint Fund (HSJF)

Ref. No.: 2015 67 304

Project Measures:

The development partner community jointly with the Government of Malawi has established an innovative funding mechanism, the Health Services Joint Fund (HSJF). This innovative funding arrangement allows for the pooling of funds to address priority health constraints of Malawi. The experience gained with the operation of the HSJF until now has revealed the need for a technical implementation consultant (TIC) for (1) the development of suitable projects for funding by the HSJF in accordance with the agreed priorities of the HSJF, (2) assistance in the tendering processes for the implementation of the projects chosen for the funding by the HSJF and (3) technical supervision of the implementation of the respective projects.

Requested Services:

Core team will consist of specialists in following fields (1) public health expertise for the identification and preparation of suitable projects for HSJF funding, (2) health facility planning expertise in the architectural and functional planning of public health facilities with expertise in construction supervision, and (3) medical equipment planning expertise in the planning, procurement, maintenance and installation of medical equipment.

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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