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Mar 05, 2018

Consulting Services, Implementation/Risk Management/Energy Trading/Operationalisation for GreenCo

Expression of Interest/Prequalification

  • Deadline: Apr 06, 2018
  • Country: Zambia, Southern Africa

Project measures:

Africa GreenCo (“AGC DevCo”) is a not-for-profit company developing a new for-profit business model to catalyse private sector investment in renewable energy generation projects within SADC. This involves the establishment of a government co-owned regional creditworthy intermediary power purchaser and electricity services provider (“GreenCo”). GreenCo will aggregate and mitigate demand and supply risks as an operating member of regional power pools. This will help unlock the private capital required to meet SDGs and NDCs at lower cost and in a fiscally efficient manner, and will provide a stepping-stone to the development of liquid power markets by leveraging and increasing the utilisation of existing power pools. The target market for GreenCo is SADC grid-interconnected countries with an anticipated focus on, but not limited to, Zambia.

Requested Consultant services:

Under this tender, AGC DevCo is seeking comprehensive implementation and project management support for GreenCo to assist AGC DevCo management in the operationalisation and market entry of GreenCo. In this regard, the consultant will lead the integration of outputs of other PPDF-funded consultancies (in particular legal and financial advisory) into the GreenCo business model and implementation roadmap. The consultant shall develop operational, governance, enterprise risk management and procurement frameworks for GreenCo and bring these to implementation in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. The consultant will be expected to set up the GreenCo operating business with required trading capabilities and all functionality requirements reflecting best practice for renewable energy trading organizations and contextualized for the SAPP market. Finally, the consultant shall provide detailed strategic analysis for future rollout options for GreenCo in the SADC region and present requirements and recommendation on next steps for entry into other SAPP markets.

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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Zambia, Southern Africa