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Apr 12, 2018

Consulting Services, MIS-Project of the Office of the Auditor General


  • Deadline: May 11, 2018
  • Country: Uganda

Ref.-N°: 2013 65 857

Project Measures:

The OAG started a project to support the establishment of a robust Integrated Management Information System (MIS) to support the Corporate Service Division. This MIS shall support all OAG´s corporate services functions for seamless processing and exchange of information within the organisation. The MIS is envisaged to streamline processes and increase efficiency and effectiveness of services. In addition, it is aimed to bring in transparency and sustainability in line with the strategic objectives of AOG as presented in its corporate plan 2016 – 2021

Requested Services:

FINMAP wants to contract a consultancy firm / solution provider for OAG´s MIS project.
The expected results of this consultancy are:

FINMAP has procured and OAG has implemented a functioning Integrated MIS that supports the OAG´s Corporate Services, improving efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in a way it contributes to the overall performance of the Office; and OAG´s staff has been equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to successfully use, implement and maintain an Integrated MIS. To make this possible, the consultancy firm needs to work closely together with OAG´s Business Change Management team

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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