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    Global Logistics Leader Germany

    Check out the latest World Bank's Logistics Performance Index 2018: Germany ranked #1 three times in a row!

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    Industry & Market Numbers

    Check out the latest Automotive Industry & Market Numbers and get an overview of Germans largest industry sector.

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    Markets Germany


    Germany’s strong economy is built on its network of "clusters" – groups of firms and research institutions with a common focus that use their regional proximity to support each other and to innovate.

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    Investment Guide to Germany

    Investing in Europe’s strongest and most dynamic economy doesn’t have to be a flustering experience. With our comprehensive range of project support services, business information, and advisory tools, setting up a business in Germany has never been easier. Explore how we can help smoothen the investment process and shape your future investments with our exclusive 2017/2018 “Investment Guide to Germany.”

    Order or download your free copy today!

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    Incentives in Germany

    Germany provides a number of incentives programs for prospective investors. Download the latest “Incentives in Germany – Supporting Your Investment Project” publication free to see how your project can benefit from generous incentives funding.

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  • Markets on Air

    Issue 07/18

    Why the know-how of German companies is in high demand in Russia, the benefits to all of a free trade agreement with Australia and the advantages of the Breisgau town of Freiburg as a business location - all this and more in the latest edition of Markets on Air!

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    The success of our work depends upon the feedback we receive from our clients. Help us to help others by providing feedback. We appreciate your comments and recommendations.

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