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The German logistics infrastructure is among the best in the world: once again, Germany has been ranked Number 1 in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2016. With its state-of-the-art transportation networks by air, rail, waterway, or autobahn, Germany provides quick access to domestic and international markets. It’s hardly surprising that Germany is a global logistics hub.

With a turnover of EUR 230 billion in 2016, the German logistics market has no rival in Europe. According to research by the Fraunhofer IIS - Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services , Germany has a dominant share of the European logistics market which makes it the most significant player in driving Europe’s economic growth. There are more goods passing through Germany than through any other European country.

In the north, Germany’s seaports are an important conduit for trade with the UK, Scandinavia, and the Baltic states. Moreover, road and rail links through the Jutland peninsula provide easy access to Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. In the west, an extensive network of roads, rail links and inland waterways feeds into France and the Benelux countries.

To the south, Germany has strong commercial ties with Switzerland and Austria and direct road, rail and water links with the Balkan states. Turning eastwards, Germany’s borders with Poland and the Czech Republic also bring Slovenia, the Slovak Republic and Hungary within easy reach.

Not only is Germany’s logistics infrastructure world-class, its companies are also global logistics leaders. In fact, the world’s largest logistics service provider is a German company – Deutsche Post (DHL). Deutsche Bahn operates Europe's largest rail network and Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world's leading global air freight companies.

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Located at Europe's center, Germany is the continent's largest economy and most important logistics hub, offering world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge logistics services.