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The excellence of Germany’s infrastructure is confirmed by a number of recent studies, including various UNCTAD investor surveys and the Swiss IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook. In the former, Germany’s reliable infrastructure is singled out as one of the TOP 5 key attractiveness indicators of the economy.

The 2015-16 Global Competitiveness Report’s ranking includes high marks for the quality of German roads and airports, the rail and port infrastructure, and the country’s outstanding communications and energy infrastructure.

Businesses profit from Germany’s excellent logistics infrastructure: Germany’s logistics network includes not only the port of Hamburg – Europe’s third largest container port, but also Bremerhaven – one of the world’s largest car port for vehicle traffic, and Duisburg – home of the continent’s largest inland port. Measuring the logistics performance of 160 countries, the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2016 ranks Germany’s logistics performance and infrastructure as the best in the world.

Logistics Performance and Quality of Infrastructure (2016)
Country LPI RankInfrastructure RankCountryLPI RankInfrastructure Rank
Sweden33Czech Republic2635
Austria712Slovak Republic4139
United Kingdom85Slovenia5043
Hong Kong910Ukraine8084
United States108Russian Federation9994
Source: World Bank 2016

Together with over 250 additional inland ports, Germany’s port infrastructure facilitates the efficient delivery of goods in Europe’s largest market. The Rhine and Elbe rivers serve as major arteries for barge traffic to the deep water ports in various river bights and along the north and northwest coastlines.

Germany has a dense network of airports, of which 22 offer international service. Frankfurt ranks Europe’s largest and third largest airport in terms of cargo and passenger volume respectively.

The country’s highway system has one of the greatest kilometer density levels in Europe and the 37,900 km of railway tracks are nearly enough to circle the globe while its high-speed railway network, with speeds of up to 300 km/h, is the sixth largest in the world.


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Located at Europe's center, Germany is the continent's largest economy and most important logistics hub, offering world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge logistics services.