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Smart services and products that communicate with each other online form the basis of the new outcome-led economy. Cyber-physical systems will allow online and physical services to be combined in order to meet the specific needs of individual consumers.

Just as INDUSTRIE 4.0 demands a radical reimagining of manufacturing and production as we know them, “smart services” represent a disruptive technological paradigm change in all future fields of application.

The SMART SERVICE WORLD is a logical consequence of the INDUSTRIE 4.0 project, looking as it does at the smart product value chains made possible by INDUSTRIE 4.0. The intelligent products made possible by INDUSTRIE 4.0 combine with physical and virtual services and are made available to the individual consumer in the form of needs-based “as a Service” services.

In the SMART SERVICE WORLD the traditional provider-customer relationship is replaced by an ecosystem of specialized partners. The new smart service architecture of cyber-physical systems, data services and service platforms creates new business relationships and models that transform existing value chains beyond recognition.

Personalized product-service packages make a plethora of innovative business models possible. Digital platforms play a central role in smart service provision; functioning as virtual hubs where appropriate services can not only be found but also combined to create new services in a changing industry landscape.


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