A number of important research institution, technology cluster and industry actors are working to help make Germany’s INDUSTRIE 4.0 and SMART SERVICE WORLD vision a reality. We look at just a few of the actors helping make INDUSTRIE 4.0 a reality.

Platform INDUSTRIE 4.0

The Platform INDUSTRIE 4.0 is a joint initiative of the industry organizations BITKOM (Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media), VDMA (German Engineering Federation), and ZVEI (Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and acts as a central point of contact for companies, employee representatives, politics and science in matters INDUSTRIE 4.0 related.

Officially launched at the Hannover Messe in April 2013, Platform INDUSTRIE 4.0 will continue the work of the Federal Government’s “Future Project INDUSTRIE 4.0” in order to strengthen Germany as an industry location. The main objective of the platform is the development of technologies, standards, business and organizational models and their practical implementation. The three industry organizations believe that INDUSTRIE 4.0 is significant importance to the continued competitiveness of German industry.

The central office of the platform organizes and coordinates all Platform INDUSTRIE 4.0 activities, informs on the progress made by the cooperation and serves as a main point of contact for business, politics and the media.

The platform has set up four working groups (consisting members of the BITKOM, VDMA and ZVEI industry associations) to facilitate dialogue at project, cluster, national, state and regional levels.

These are:

  • Working Group 1 – Strategy and Framework
  • Working Group 2 – Reference Architecture, Standardization and Norms
  • Working Group 3 – Research and Innovation
  • Working Group 4 – Networked Systems Security

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