Lightweight Industries

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Lightweight Industries

The development and use of lightweight construction solutions is an important requirement for the competitiveness of German industry. Lightweight construction is of great importance for a number of industries including, for example, the automotive construction and transportation, mechanical engineering, and production technology sectors as well as the construction industry. Lightweight construction will be decisive in determining whether German industry will also be successful in establishing itself as a lead provider of innovative energy and resource-efficient products in the future. Against the background of the fact that Germany is a worldwide leader in the production and production techniques of innovative materials, lightweight construction is a central industrial political issue.

10 German Main Clusters

Collaboration is pivotal: Clusters help to gain knowledge and to join forces. Germany has set up a diversified lightweight cluster structure that cover the whole value chain.

The 10 German main clusters represent:

  • Total number of members: >2000
  • Total number of R&D players: >260
  • Foreign Partner Countries: >40
  • Annual Public Funding: >60 Mill. Euros

For further information about the ten German main clusters, please click on the links below the grafic:

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