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Automotive Industry

Germany – The World’s Automotive Hub of Innovation

Germany is recognized the world over for its outstanding automotive industry and excellence in engineering. From Asia to the Americas, German cars embody highly cherished values of innovation, reliability, safety, and design. Germany is by some distance Europe’s leading production and sales market. The country’s world-class R&D infrastructure, complete industry value chain integration, and highly qualified workforce create an internationally peerless automotive environment. It enables companies to develop cutting- edge technologies, which perfectly address tomorrow’s mobility needs.

Take a look at our impressive numbers and find out why, more than 125 years after inventing the automobile, Germany remains the world’s automotive innovation hub.

Testimonials for Germany

Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D, DIC, Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder | Electrovaya Inc

Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D, DIC, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder | © Electrovaya Inc./GTAI "Investing in Germany brings the immense German quality trademark for our customers and the ability to grow our business using the excellent infrastructure, locational advantage, value-for-money labor and favorable economic conditions. This investment is an integral part of our global strategy for batteries and already is giving outstanding returns." (2016)

Michio Koike, General Manager | TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH

Michio Koike, Geschäftsführer TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH | © TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH “After just a few months on the ground, being here has already paid off: My small team has secured two contracts, and several projects are in the works.”

Kritika Chauhan, Deputy General Manager - Human Resources | TATA Autocomp System LTD

Logo TATA Autocomp Systems LTD | © TATA Autocomp Systems LTD “Moving to Germany gives us new opportunities both in the present and the future. We have the quality now, and thanks to the excellent benefits we also have a chance to push forward our R&D and European sales activities apace.“

Dr. Rob Smith, Vice President & General Manager | TRW Automotive

Dr. Rob Smith, Vice President & General Manager of TRW Automotive | © TRW Automotive/GTAI “Germany offers an excellent labor force and unbeatable know-how in auto construction and mechanical engineering. Germany is a ‘must have’ for anybody who wants to be at the center of things in the auto industry."


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