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Germany's Chemical Industry

Whether in the reinforcement of traditional industry products or the sustainable development of emerging technologies, Germany's chemical sectors play a keystone role. Supported by world-renowned R&D institutes, knowledge laden graduates, and dependable supply-chains, Germany offer investors fertile ground for their product development and market integration within Europe’s largest economy. And all this at the center of the world’s largest market: the European Union.

Our References

Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH - Yoshihiro Nakata, Managing Director

Yoshihiro Nakata, Managing Director, Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH | © Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH/GTAI “The investment in Germany is an integral part of our global strategy for our adhesives and sealants. Due to the highly qualified workers and efficient cost structure, on top of Germany’s leading position in the field of automotive expertise, Germany was the clear choice for our new production, European headquarter and R&D activities”. (2017)

Air Liquide Germany Ltd. - Thomas Pfützenreuter, Chairman

Thomas Pfützenreuter, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung, AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH | © AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH/GTAI "'Location Germany’ is of great importance to Air Liquide. The German market is the most important pillar for our company in Europe after France. We invest around EUR 100m in Germany every year. On top of that are large projects such as the new Steam Reformer in Dormagen, while we are also busying ourselves with future projects such as the expansion of the hydrogen fuel station network." (2014)

DYMAX Corporation - A. Gregory Bachmann, President

A. Gregory Bachmann, President of DYMAX Corporation | © DYMAX Corporation/GTAI “Europe is a growing market for our light-curing adhesives. Due to the highly qualified workers and efficient cost structure, Germany was the clear choice for the expansion of our production and R&D activities.” (2011)

Toho Tenax Europe - Eckard Scholten, Managing Director

Eckard Scholten Managing Director, Toho Tenax Europe | © Toho Tenax Europe/GTAI "At the center of the strongest industrial region in Europe, the industrial park in Oberbruch is a natural location for Toho Tenax Europe. With the initiation of our fourth production line, we confirm our position as the leading carbon fiber producer in Europe." (2010)

Dow Deutschland - Markus Wildi, President Dow Europe, President and Chairman of the board

Markus Wildi, President of Dow Europe | © Dow Europe/GTAI "For Dow, Germany is the most important manufacturing base and national market outside the US. The highly qualified, motivated, and innovative workforce – the ‘Human Element’ – is key to driving our success." (2009)

Hi-Bis GmbH - Tadashi Tomitaka, Managing Director

Tadashi Tomitaka, Managing Director of Hi-Bis GmbH | © Hi-Bis GmbH/GTAI We chose Bitterfeld-Wolfen because of the stellar chemical park infrastructure for chemical companies, excellent workforce, and financial incentives. These three things were offered to us at the same time, and therefore we could not let this chance go.” (2009)


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