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Electronics & Microtechnology

Your Market for Next-Generation Technology

Germany boasts an unparalleled density of renowned R&D institutes and world-leading manufacturers and suppliers for electrical and electronic materials, components, and equipment across the value chain; ranging from microelectronic components to electrical household appliances, automation systems, electronic medical equipment, and automotive electronics.

Investment opportunities are many and varied. Plug in and find out why Germany satisfies the essential conditions for market success in one of the world’s most dynamic industry sectors.


Roberto Multineddu, Managing Director, DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH | © DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH + GTAI Roberto Multineddu, Managing Director - DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH

„We are an applied dedicated company, sales and service for large scale air-conditioning for commercial and industrial applications. In 2016, we decided to expand our business especially in Germany, because there is a big market for us. The reason why we chose Frankfurt is that it is a central location within Europe, an international environment, and a vibrant start-up scence. To reach this conclusion, we had big support from the GTAI team to study the market and German culture in a very short term, which we appreciate very, very much!“ (2018)

Michael Sorkin, General Manager Formlabs GmbH | © Formlabs GmbH/GTAI Michael Sorkin, General Manager - Formlabs GmbH

"Formlabs, the leading manufacturer of accessible 3D printing solutions, chose Germany to establish its European operations. From our EU headquarter in Berlin we are able to work with leading engineering companies to implement 3D printing into their prototyping and digital manufacturing needs. Germany is the land of engineering and the perfect place to develop Formlabs' innovative 3D printing solutions." (2016)

Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID Inc. | © Omni-ID Inc./GTAI Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer - Omni-ID Inc.

“Germany has long been a thought leader in manufacturing and automation. Most recently, the vision and investment in Industrie 4.0 has started bringing together some very interesting vendors and concepts that we are convinced will play a big part of the future of the plant floor.  Being an engaged part of this ecosystem was a major factor in founding our new German subsidiary last year.“ (2016) .

BAI Li, General Manager, Liaoning Julong Europa | © Liaoning Julong Europa/GTAI BAI Li, CEO - Julong Europe GmbH

"Germany is a high-tech country, one in which we treasure the professionalism, knowledge and high level of education among the workers. Talented workers are the most important conditions for the development of a company and the key element of Germany’s global competitiveness. That is a reason for us to select Germany as an investment location." (2013)


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