Planning and Building

Planning and Building

Building Permits

A building permit (Baugenehmigung) is required for the construction, alteration, demolition, or change in use of a building. The building permit is granted if the project complies with the planning and building regulation law as well as with all other applicable laws (such as environmental laws).

An application for a building permit must be submitted to the local building authority or the building supervisory authority (Bauamt).

The application must include a detailed plan of the project, accompanied by necessary supporting documentation such as site plan, construction drawings, building specifications, and, where applicable, documentation regarding heating, noise prevention, and fire protection plans. The documentation required for the application must also be presented to adjacent property owners.

German law recognizes the principle of procedural merger. In order to simplify and coordinate the permit procedure, the immission control permit application procedure also includes the building permit process. Repeat procedures are therefore avoided and there is only one contact partner for the applicant.


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