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Jan 01, 2016

Markets Germany 1/16 - SMART COUNTRY

Intelligent Living: Cities get smarter as the energy revolution takes hold.

Cover Markets Germany 1/16 | ©Jan Carl Bartels This edition of markets Germany is one thing above all else: smart!
The cover story examines so-called "Smart Cities," referring to the future of urban living. Less energy consumption, better-insulated buildings, prudent use of power, re-purposing of rainwater to feed “urban gardens”… these are only a few of the aspects of this project. Studies say that Smart Cities could save us USD 17 billion by 2050. This vision of the future is – at least in part – already a reality in Germany. The nation and its regional and district governments are working together to make their cities smarter. Foreign investors can only profit from helping accelerate the process.
Meanwhile, “Smart Factories” are set to revolutionize industrial production. Lower costs, greater output, and the conservation of natural resources are the triple bottom-line targets of INDUSTRIE 4.0. The government, research centers, and industry are working intensively together on this goal; for investors, a presence in Germany now means being a part of the creation of the future – not bad business to be a part of.
Back in 1982, many of those currently developing the smart revolution were captivated by the smart-looking David Hasselhoff and the even smarter car he was driving: Knight Rider’s infamous KITT. If, back then, KITT was just the product of ripe imagination, today it is the product of many a factory line. Cars can park themselves, test cars can even take themselves to an airport and back. Research on automated driving is going on all over the world, and Germany, as one of the world’s most renowned “car countries,” is at the cutting edge. How and where investors can profit from this research is also to be found in this edition of markets Germany!

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