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Aug 01, 2015

Markets Germany 3/15 - HEALTHY LIVING

Market boost: The out-of-pocket health phenomenon and its opportunities.

Cover Markets Germany 3/15 | © filo/gettyimages Eighteen million new inhabitants, six new states, a planned economy morphing into a free market economy: 25 years ago Germany was both celebrating its reunification and confronting enormous challenges. Foreign companies had already started investing in eastern Germany. What they experienced, where they are today, and the eastern German firms’ take on the last quarter-century are presented to you in this edition of Markets Germany.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel was 31 years young and a mere delegate in the regional parliament of Lower Saxony when East and West Germany reunified. He discusses his experiences of the reunification, the role played by foreign investors in the German economy, and where he sees Germany going in the next 25 years.

Wherever Germany does go, it will be with a healthy population. Germans pay great attention to their health - namely, over EUR 40 billion in personal investment on top of their health insurance contributions. It is a huge market for foreign investors.

The market for batteries also has great potential. As the terms “energy transition,” “energy conservation,” and “electromobility” become more and more mutually inclusive, Germany’s need for new, powerful batteries grows apace.You can discover what that means for international investors by reading on.


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