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Oct 01, 2016

Markets Germany 3/16 - TAKE ME TO THE FUTURE

Self-Driving: The biggest revolution in motoring since the invention of the car is in sight. German automakers are leading the way.

Cover Markets Germany 3/16 | © iStock When new technologies contribute to accidents, their stock can quickly fall. This has not yet happened to Tesla, but the accidents involving Elon Musk’s driverless cars have shown one thing: however far the auto industry is with developing the driverless car, it is neither mature enough, nor at the forefront of the user’s thinking.

In spite of this, networked and autonomous driving are among the most significant innovations being developed in the auto industry. All major producers are working on it in one form or another, and are competing to be the first to develop fully-fledged solutions. This is reason enough for it to be the cover story in this edition of markets Germany.

Germany is enjoying a pioneering role in the development of networked and autonomous driving, with safety a paramount issue. The big producers, as well as their suppliers, are looking at a combined investment of EUR 16-18 billion in autonomous driving over the next three to four years.

The federal government is supporting this with a series of special programs, including permitting a motorway testing zone, as well as coordinating work between the worlds of business, science and politics. All of this creates the best conditions in Germany for foreign companies looking to get involved in this field. Where they could or should invest, the technological benefits they could reap and how best to do business in Germany is all contained within these pages.

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