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Jun 07, 2019

Civil Works, Water Supply

Tender Notice

  • Deadline: Jul 25, 2019
  • Country: Serbia

Ref.-Br.: KZ-CW-V2009-INT-STP-2018-TMK - BMZ201265941

Water and Sewerage Programme in Medium-Sized Municipalities V

Project activities: The project includes the extension and rehabilitation of water supply systems in Kikinda, Knjaževac, Paraćin and Vrbas, and technical and institutional assistance

Planned activities: Civil Works for Pipeline SINJI VIR IN KNJAŽEVAC as shortly described in the text below:

- installation works: DI pipes with restrained joints, DN 500 and DN 200

- installation of DI fittings

- installation of valves, bulk meters etc.

- all pipes, fittings and valves etc. are already delivered

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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