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Oct 17, 2019

Consulting Services, Port Access Road Upgrade


  • Country: Kenya

Regional Mombasa Port road access project (MOMBASA – MARIAKANI (A109) HIGHWAY PROJECT), LOT 2

Ref – No: KfW 33852

Consulting Services for Design Review, Tender Documentation, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration for the Upgrading of the Regional Mombasa Port road access project: Kwa Jomvu – Mariakani Section (30.4 km)

Publication of Prequalified Applicants

Publication Date of Prequalification Notice on GTAI-Website: 20/07/2015

List of Names of Prequalified Applicants (in alphabetical order)

- Alsimm Alarko Sanayi Tesisierive Ticaret A.S., Turkey

- Larsen And Turbo Ltd., India;

- Mota Engil Africa, Portugal;

- Onur Taahhut Simalilik Insaat Ticaret Ve Sanayi As, Turkey

- Sinohydro Corporation Ltd., China;

- Sinopec International Petroleum Services Corporation, China;

- Strabag International GmbH, Germany

- The Third Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Ltd. (CCCC), China;

- Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd., China

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