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Jan 31, 2019

Consulting services, Pro-Poor Growth for Peace Consolidation (GPC) Program, Phase III

  • Deadline: Mar 05, 2019
  • Country: Sierra Leone

BMZ Number:  2016 68128

Project Measures: The purpose of the “Pro-Poor Growth for Peace Consolidation Programme (GPC)” is to improve the employment and income situation especially for youths in the districts of Kailahun, Kono, Koinadugu and Falaba as well as in the newly added districts of Karene and Pujehun (to be confirmed) by implementing labour-intensive infrastructure projects

Requested Services:

· Provide support to the selection, preparation, technical design, procurement, implementation and monitoring of infrastructure projects

· Support NaCSA in financial programme planning and administration, including the Disposition Fund and the correctness of payments of supplies, works and services for the implementation of the GPC

· Strengthen the operation and maintenance capacities of the local and regional stakeholders that are involved in the implementation of the infrastructure projects

· Support NaCSA in monitoring, evaluating and controlling the Programme activities. Remote Monitoring approaches shall be included.

· Support NaCSA in fulfilling its reporting duties (inception report, quarterly progress reports and final programme report)

· Improve the institutional capacity of NaCSA.

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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