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Aug 12, 2019

Design and Installation, GIS Super-Grid Substation


  • Country: Iraq

Ref: KfW1/2018 - Phase 2 Lot 1

Project Name: Rehabilitation of the Power Supply Systems in the Governorates of Nineveh, Salah Al-Din, Al Anbar and Diyala within the German Credit Facility to Assist the Return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI)

The contract scope includes design, engineering, manufacturing, transportation to site, unloading, temporary storage, installation and commissioning of Mosul 400kV GIS Super-Grid Substation. The scope also includes provision of all information and documents to obtain necessary permits for construction and commissioning etc.

Publication of Prequalified Applicants

Publication Date of Prequalification Notice on GTAI-Website: 26/04/2019

List of Names of Prequalified Applicants (in alphabetical order):

- Calik Enerji Sanayi Ve Ticaret As, Turkey

- GE Grid Solutions, France

- National Contracting Company (NCC), Saudi Arabia

- Siemens AG, Germany

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