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American confidence in Germany unshaken

AmCham barometer positive despite gloomy global economic outlook

Berlin (GTAI) - American companies with interests in Germany continue to see Europe’s largest economy as a safe place to invest, according to the 2016 AmCham Business Barometer report from the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

46 per cent of the surveyed companies believe they will expand their activities there over the next 3-4 years, while 81 per cent are reckoning with an increase in turnover. As the recent IMF warning about a global slowdown rattles emerging markets ever harder, investors are seeking safer havens for their money and businesses. With Germany maintaining solid export growth (according to figures released this week) and overall growth remaining steady in the country despite the global uncertainties dogging industry, it is clear that Germany, widely-regarded as the gateway to the EU market, is a preferred destination for foreign direct investment.

"The confidence our American investors maintain in Germany is as clear an indicator as can be that the investment climate and conditions here continue to offer attractive returns and future options, even in tough times,” said Dr. Benno Bunse, CEO of Germany Trade & Invest, Germany’s federal economic development agency.

Perhaps the most outstanding statistic from a German point of view was the response to the question about quality of labour, in which 100 per cent of respondents valued their German workers as ‘very good’ or ‘good’. Supplier networks, infrastructure and research and development conditions also scored an 80+ per cent approval rating.

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