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German Industry Maintains Strong Growth

Investors and buyers alike see secure business in Europe’s largest economy

Berlin (GTAI) - Factory orders in Germany have increased to an 18-month high, according to data from the federal ministry of economic affairs and energy. Despite the uncertain global political and economic climate, domestic orders increased by 6.7 per cent and foreign orders by 3.9 per cent in December 2016. Orders from the Eurozone were up 10 per cent, belying concerns over the possibility of US protectionism and the impact of Brexit.

Indeed, Germany appears to be emerging from the Brexit upheaval with its image enhanced if an Ernst & Young study is anything to go by. The study, released last week, said that 14 per cent of all UK companies would be seeking to insure against Brexit collateral damage by relocating at least some activities to Europe, while 54 per cent of the companies asked saw Germany as the most attractive location. The resurgence of Eurozone markets and industry played a large role in the reasons behind the respondents’ answers, as did talent, capacity for innovation and the sheer size of the EU market.

“Our attitude to the current global economic and political commotion has always been simply to try to continue with ‘business as normal’ both at home and in international trade,” said Dr. Benno Bunse, CEO of Germany’s economic development agency Germany Trade & Invest. “Germany continues to offer a strategic foundation of well-supported innovation and a talented labour pool, backed up by investment conditions that give companies room to research and develop, and to find their successful niche and identity. For the companies which can use this foundation correctly, there is access to an enormous customer base as a part of the reward. The openness and collaborative atmosphere fostered here ensures a focus on continued innovation and healthy competition which should ensure long-term value-adding success.”

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