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New research framework for German microelectronics

German government announces €400m research framework

Berlin (gtai) - Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research has announced a 4-year, €400m research framework to push back further the boundaries of microelectronics.
The framework, called Mikroelektronik aus Deutschland – Innovationstreiber der Digitalisierung (Micro-electronics from Germany, Driver of Digitisation Innovation) will help Germany continue to pioneer multiple technological concepts, among them Industry 4.0, autonomous driving, the energy transition and medical technology.

Introduced as a new phase of the country’s Digital Agenda and High-tech Strategy, the fund will help Germany maintain a position at the heart of an industry where research and the results from research help create some 10% of Europe’s GDP.

“This program, like some others, will help Germany not only cement a position at the heart of this industry but also play a key role in many others,” said Max Milbredt, Manager Electronics and Microtechnology at Germany Trade & Invest, the national economic development agency.

“As we progress towards Industry 4.0 and the age of intelligent machines, microelectronics will be central to nearly all relevant sectors. This framework will ensure Germany continues to reside at the cutting edge.”

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