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New study: Why US Companies go to Germany

Potential investors can find out more at exclusive Germany Trade & Invest Texas Roadshow dinner events in Dallas on December 9 and Austin on December 10.

Berlin, Dallas, Austin (gtai) - A new analysis of 23 countries has revealed foreign companies’ reasons for investing in Germany, Europe’s strongest economy. American investors are drawn primarily by Germany’s proven technological expertise as well as the country’s strength in modern manufacturing technology and highly trained workforce, the study by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) shows.

“Germany benefits from a disproportionally large share of US R&D expenditure,” says Thomas Bozoyan, market intelligence expert at GTAI and one of the report’s coauthors. “While American subsidiaries spent USD 45 billion worldwide on R&D in 2012, the largest stake – around USD 8 billion – was invested in Germany.”

The importance of the relationship cannot be overestimated: the latest Bundesbank figures show that more FDI stock in Germany comes from the US than from any other country. There were also 6,100 US companies employing more than 730,000 people operating in Germany in April 2014, according to the Bureau van Dijk Markus database.

This November marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The ensuing quarter of a century has seen unprecedented levels of development.

“Present-day eastern Germany is a leading business location with ultra-modern infrastructure, a large pool of highly skilled employees, and competitive labor costs,” says Peter Alltschekow, managing director at GTAI. “US investors stand to benefit from incredible opportunities in what has become one of Europe’s most dynamic regions.”

Numerous industry clusters and cooperation between business and research institutes mean eastern Germany is at the cutting-edge of innovation for major players in the automobile, optical, chemical, logistics, and ICT industries, among others. The German government provides business-friendly tax concessions for investments and a broad platform of financial assistance schemes.

The GTAI Texas Roadshow is an excellent opportunity for companies from Texas to find out more about investment opportunities in eastern Germany. Exclusive dinner events with outstanding speakers will be held in Dallas on December 9 and Austin on December 10. Texan entrepreneurs who have successfully invested in the region will outline their own success stories and discuss potential entry strategies alongside presentations by GTAI experts.

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Texas meets Eastern Germany: Business Opportunities in the New Federal States

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