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Outsourcing in Germany: well-covered

Outsourcing world summit in Orlando

Berlin/Orlando (gtai) - The German word ‘Dach‘ translates as ‘roof‘ to the locals. To the business world at large it also stands for the EU’s German-speaking area, comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The linguistic translation is appropriate, as between the three countries, pretty much every industry is covered in terms of outsourceability. In many industrial segments the DACH is a leader, the ICT market is the largest in Europe.

“Outsourcing faces a number of challenges at the moment,” said Josefine Dutschmann, Senior Manager of Business Services at Germany Trade & Invest, the inward investment and foreign trade agency of Germany and co-chair of the DACH chapter.

“Political ideologies change, between the countries and in the countries, as do economic conditions. There is a constant morass of options for the service industry to take.”

The DACH market comprises 90.3m German speakers, the largest single-language market in Europe. Germany, with its SME-dominated landscape and robust economic conditions where other countries’ are still perceived to be a risk, is ripe for picking. An enormous labor force, which includes 7.3m foreign nationals (around 9% of the total population) makes Germany a huge labor market.

Germany’s dual education system, which processes some 320,000 bright-eyed youngsters through Chamber of Commerce and industry-certified vocational courses and exams annually, is also geared to outsourcing, in that it specifically gears the students towards industry needs. Together, the size and quality of the educated labor ensures Germany is the best place for native-speaker services to DACH markets.

It’s no surprise then that business process outsourcing has seen steady growth of 7-8% recently and is projected, as the global economy recovers, to accelerate to a growth rate of 10% over the next three years. The DACH currently does have BPO well-covered.

At the forthcoming Outsourcing World Summit in Orlando, from February 17-19, the DACH chapter of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals will be extolling all these virtues, also discussing the directions the BPO sector will need to take to sustain growth in a constantly-shifting environment.

 “The DACH countries offer a full range of services and possibilities covering those options in a huge and healthy economic market, so we are in a good position to meet those challenges head on,” concluded Dutschmann.

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