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Record-breaking industry seeks US investors

Renewable energy center stage at Germany Trade & Invest investor conferences

Berlin, Seattle, Palo Alto, Los Angeles (gtai) - Renewable energy reached a new milestone in Germany recently with a record peak of 24.24 gigawatts of electricity produced from solar on June 6 and a record 1.26 terawatt hours generated in the first week of the month. Furthermore, on June 9, a national holiday, 50.6 percent of the total electricity demand in Germany was met briefly with solar power, the highest level ever achieved in Germany. At the same time, President Obama has announced that much more will be invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the United States in the future. Good omens for the Germany Trade & Invest investor conferences taking place in Seattle, Palo Alto and Los Angeles from July 15-17 where Germany and the eastern German states in particular will be presented as an investment location.

"The renewable energy field in Germany is attractive for investors in two ways: first, the country is investing heavily in renewables and companies in the sector can do good business. Second, the industry is developing extremely rapidly in Germany. Expertise acquired here can be used profitably worldwide," says Peter Alltschekow, who is responsible for the eastern German states at Germany Trade & Invest.

For example, knowledge gained in Germany could be employed in the United States, where two billion US dollars will be invested in energy-saving measures in federal buildings over the next three years and where 50,000 skilled workers are slated to be trained in the solar industry.

Alltschekow notes that although it is not yet clear whether there will be an emphatic renewables boom in the United States, the potential for wind and solar energy is enormous as well as the fundamental interests of US companies in the industry.

"Germany is something of a laboratory for the whole world. The close cooperation between science and industry and the excellent business conditions created by the federal and state governments ensure that the country's energy transition can be implemented. Anyone who invests in this field and participates in the developments in Germany is investing in the future."

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