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The Growth of the German Software scene

Event in San Francisco presents Europe’s biggest software market

Berlin, San Francisco (GTAI) - Germany is home to the biggest software market in Europe, accounting for around a quarter of the European market by value and well ahead of any other European country. Market research company Marketline has identified a compound annual growth rate within the industry of 6.3% for the time period 2010 to 2014, a trend the company expects to continue.

Big players such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and now Salesforce - with a $1bn investment - are all substantially present on the German software market, with more specialized companies such as Stack Overflow and Autodesk joining them. At a breakfast event at Dreamforce 2017 on Tuesday, November 7, on the Westin St. Francis’ Imperial’s 32nd floor, representatives from Salesforce and Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI), the national federal economic development agency, will look at the German market in more detail and explain what makes it so dynamic.

The title of the event is ‘How and others have found success in Germany,’ and it will focus on the market opportunities for investors within the German software sector. Featured guests and presenters include Head of Salesforce Germany Joachim Schreiner and GTAI Managing Director Investor Consulting Achim Hartig.

The German government’s national strategic intent to digitally revolutionise the country and its economy has created both countless small-to-medium enterprises and countless market opportunities in fields such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, IT Security, Energy and Grid Management, Mobility, E-commerce and Smart Manufacturing. Often, the opportunities are the small-to-medium enterprises themselves, with many small firms in need of direct investment to bring their software solutions to a wider marketplace and help their technological advance.

But Germany’s small-to-medium enterprise scene in general – the huge number of companies within Germany’s Mittelstand are themselves drivers for demand for more software solutions, with expert suppliers of industry-specific software products and services in particular demand. “There is so much innovation in Germany today,” said Mr. Hartig. “The German business scene is marked by a huge number of small and diverse companies all either producing or requiring tailor-made software solutions, especially pertaining to cloud computing and data management or data analytics. As Industrie 4.0 – a digital revolution of the management processes governing large industry – continues to pick up pace, IT security will become a bigger concern as well. These factors are already combining to produce a vast number of opportunities in a key market within Europe’s strongest economy and largest customer market. This event will present these factors in more detail.”

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