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The need to transport people and things sustainably is perhaps the most pressing issue of the age. Here, German lightweight engineering will play a vital role. Making things lighter means we expend fewer resources moving them, and German engineers are working on everything from lightweight carbon-fiber air taxis to cardboard automotive parts to this end. Germany's expertise in lightweight engineering is the topic of this issue's Focus pages.

Other articles in our magazine, which appears three times a year, take a look at the following topics:

  • Chemical Attraction: Germany’s chemicals sector is the largest in Europe and also one of the most innovative in the world. While its strength lies in producing basic chemicals efficiently, it also has a few lucrative secrets up its sleeve.
  • Travel Tech's New Frontier: Germany has Europe’s largest and most competitive travel sector with a high outbound share. Travel technology start-ups are setting up camp around the country, while Berlin boasts its first travel tech unicorn.
  • All Aboard: Germany’s national rail operator Deutsche Bahn is facing the biggest modernization in its history. This bold endeavor will create a range of opportunities for foreign railway equipment suppliers and construction companies.
  • A Certain Musical Genius: German music technology is used by major international artists and respected around the world. Even so, many music tech start-ups with clever and cutting-edge products are suffering from a general lack of investment.
  • From Guandong to Germany: A leading Chinese medical technology company is opening a dialysis equipment manufacturing plant  in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Your Nexxt Partner: The online platform nexxt-change makes it easy for investors to search for German companies up for sale. Foreign companies can also discover SMEs and family businesses that are looking to partner up.
  • Removing Barriers:  Investing in Germany’s future has rarely been easier. Lawmakers recently passed forward-thinking legislation that will usher in a wave of new opportunities for investors, both domestic and foreign.
  • Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Who will be the chosen few of 2020? That’s the difficult question facing the jury of this year’s German Entrepreneur Award (GEA). Last year’s winners were characterized by a strong social purpose as well as the right formulas for success.
  • Vive la France! Internationalization is on the cards for many French companies, observes Markus Hempel from the Paris office of Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI). As France’s closest neighbor, Germany is often the first port of call for overseas operations.
  • What's "Small Talk" in German? Germans have a reputation for being scientific but rather humorless. But is this cultural stereotype true? Fiona Evans, U.S. consul general in Düsseldorf, considers the relationship between her countrymen and their German business partners.

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