Chemical Industry

Marl Chemical Park

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
Site Operator
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
650 hectares (1,606 acres)
Total Free Area
60 hectares (148 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure

    • On-site connections to the European waterway, railway, highway, pipeline network
    • Comprehensive materials flow, utilities and energy supply network
    • Three gas- and coal-fired power plants (cogeneration), steam (4, 20, 70 bar)
    • Different kind of water qualities, cooling water, compressed air, ammonia cooling network, air gases, hydrogen
    • All kinds of storage facilities; sewage plants, waste incineration plant
  • Raw Materials On-Site

    More than 4.000 different products: From C4 fractions to derivatives, from ethyl benzene to polystyrene, from chlorine electrolysis to PVC, from acetylene to THF, from fatty alcohols and ethylene oxide to surfactants, and from acrylic acid to butyl acrylate – to name just a few products from the extensive range.

  • Services/Utilities

    • Full “Plug&Play” service site
    • Logistic, technical and analytical services, workshops, catering, infrastructure management, public relations, ESHQ-services, regulatory affairs management, site fire department, site security, medical service, engineering services, liquid dosing and filling facilities
  • R&D

    • Analytical services, process technology, three Sience-to-Business-Centers for Nanoelectronics, biotechnology and energy efficiency welcome partners
    • Several universities and well known research institutes in close distance

Target Investors

  • Chemicals and polymers producing companies – with a demand of infrastructure (energies, utilities, effluents, logistics)
  • Industrial biotechnology research and production companies

Potential Business Partners

  • Air Liquide
  • Air Products: Epoxy Resins
  • AQura: Analytical Services
  • Evonik Degussa
  • Ineos Styrenics
  • Ineos Nova
  • ISP
  • LANXESS Buna
  • Linde
  • NEW - Natural Energy West
  • Oxea
  • OXENO: C4-Chemistry
  • PolymerLatex
  • Rohm & Haas: Butyl Acrylate
  • Sasol Germany: Surfactants
  • StoHAAS: Acrylic Acid
  • UTM: Intermodal Terminal Rail/Road

Partners of Site

  • Industry partners of the ChemSite Initiative
  • Public partners: State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, local communities
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