The E-Commerce Market in Germany

The German e-commerce market is expanding rapidly. During the period 2012 to 2015, e-commerce grew by nearly 70% (from EUR 27.6 billion to EUR 52.2 billion), with e-commerce now comprising around 96% of all interactive commerce. Industry experts expect this trend to continue, with expected growth rate of 12% in 2016. With 68 million people (84% of the German population) online on a regular basis, Germany boasts not only the most internet users in Europe, but also the greatest e-commerce customer potential.

According to the Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft (Association of the German Internet Industry), more than half (53%) of German GDP will be comprised of e-commerce related activities by 2017; a 16% leap from 2012 e-commerce activity levels.

These developments can also be witnessed in the e-commerce B2B sector. According to a 2015 ibi research study, 83% of interviewed companies reported buying online, at least in part. Moreover, 20% of professionals in this study expected online buying in their company to strongly increase, with another 53% expecting at least some increase. Forrester Consulting also reported in 2014 that 52% of businesses expect at least half of their orders to be online within three years. These forecasts highlight the fact that businesses are rapidly becoming more online-oriented, and signal the significant potential of a rapidly expanding virtual B2B environment.

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