May 2019: Retrofitting and Smart Heating Solutions receive Energy Efficiency Award

May 2019

The 2019 Perpetuum Energy Efficiency Prize of the German industry association for energy efficiency DENEFF was awarded to the companies ecoworks GmbH (jury prize) and vilisto GmbH (audience prize).

Ecoworks persuaded the jury with its “net-zero retrofitting” solutions. The company employs industrial prefabrication methods and highly efficient energy systems to renovate apartment blocks with up to five stories within just a few days The company aims to leave behind a building that produces at least as much electricity every year as its residents use for heating, hot water and household appliances. According to Dr. Camilla Bausch, director of the Ecologic Institute and chair of the jury, “ecoworks impressed the jury with its integrated approach that brings different trades together. The solution addresses important challenges in retrofitting existing building stock and is very cost-efficient thanks to its industrial production methods. It makes complex retrofits more calculable.”

Vilisto convinced the audience with its ovis solution, a self-learning heating control system. The AI-based tech learns user behavior and the building parameters for each room and controls the heating automatically, anticipating needs and under consideration of weather data. The company claims ovis has proven energy savings of above 32%.

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