Sep 2019: One Third of Germans Have a Smart Home

September 2019

One third of Germans (31%) own at least one smart home application. That is a notable increase compared to 2018 when only 26% of the respondents reported using at least one smart home application. Intelligent lamps and lights are the most common application (18%) followed by smart heating thermostats (14%). These are the findings of a representative survey conducted among more than 1000 German adults by Bitkom, Germany’s digital association.

“Smart home technologies are increasingly attracting interest and give people better security, a higher quality of life and more efficient energy use” says Achim Berg, Bitkom’s president. “Smart technologies have big potential for home applications, especially in light of current societal developments. The number of elderly people is increasing; they all want to be able to stay in their home as long as possible – smart home applications can be helpful in such cases, for instance with sensors recognizing when the inhabitant has fallen or the cooker has been left on. They also help against climate change: smart control of heaters and home appliances saves energy and money.” Currently, 7% of the respondents use smart meters for electricity, gas and water. 10% control their consumption through Wi-Fi or wireless sockets.

The majority of users (80%) operate their applications from their smart phones (2018: 76%). The number of respondents using a tablet remained stable at 44%. Voice control has increased by 7%; now 44% operate their smart home systems with Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and co, compared to 37% in 2018. 35% of smart home users use a remote control, 11% of them own a smart watch.

“Smart phones are now established as operating panels across different systems and manufacturers, thus making smart home products easier to use”, says Berg. “On top of that, the use of voice control is expected to increase. In the future we will control even more appliances with our voice.”

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