Digital Hub Startups in Germany | Group of young business people wearing a mask during times of Corona in an office. Digital Hub Startups in Germany | Group of young business people wearing a mask during times of Corona in an office. | © GettyImages/ljubaphoto

Start-ups: Together for Innovation

These start-ups are fast, innovative and solution-driven. In the upcoming weeks we will present start-ups out of these hubs that provide innovative solutions in times of Corona.

Twelve Digital Hubs spread all over Germany build a strong network under the roof of the Digital Hub Initiative. In each hub, start-ups, corporates and academia come together in order to find answers to the latest economic chances and challenges.

  • Growth in Times of Crisis

    Growth in Times of Crisis

    Germany proves a reliable location for start-ups amidst the corona pandemic.

    Corona crisis affecting Germany's start-ups

    The coronavirus crisis has changed the German start-up landscape: Nine out of ten companies have been affected economically, and over 70 percent fear for their existence - these are the results of a study by the German Startups Association. It found that the crisis is already impacting the entire breadth of the German start-up ecosystem, especially the human resources and tourism segments.

    The study also shows start-ups being affected no matter what phase they are in. Smaller companies suffer from the lack of customer contact due to cancelled trade fairs and events, while large start-ups with many employees are primarily concerned about sales, liquidity and future financing. The global market has always filtered out weaker start-ups - a process that will intensify because of the crisis. One result, however, will be less competition. Technology start-ups able to complete financing rounds in this environment will have an advantage.

    Governmental support measures: two pillar concept

    The federal government is trying to ease the situation with a package of more than two billion euros aimed specifically at German start-ups. The initiative was announced on April 1, 2020, and over the past few weeks, the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Ministry of Finance have worked out the details together with the KfW Banking Group and KfW Capital. "Covid 19 must not be allowed to slow the growth of our highly innovative companies," said Thomas Jarzombek, the BMWi’s point man on the digital economy and start-ups. “That is why we have worked hard to ensure that the two-billion-euro package of measures is ready and can now be accessed by start-ups and small and medium-sized companies. This is how we secure jobs and innovation in Germany."

    The package of measures is based on two so-called pillars: In Pillar 1, called the “Corona Matching Facility,” the government provides additional monies to venture capital funds so that investors can finance highly innovative and future-oriented start-ups despite the crisis. The idea is to protect young companies’ growth during their development phases. The Corona Matching Facility uses existing cooperation with public partners such as KfW Capital and the European Investment Fund to quickly make public support available to start-ups via venture capital funds.

    Pillar 2 is aimed at start-ups and small and medium-sized companies without access to the corona matching facility. It opens up further ways of securing financing. To this end, there will be close cooperation with Germany’s 16 regional states, particularly via their investment authorities.

    Taking advantage of accelerator programs

    The Digital Hub Initiative and its network have also adapted many existing structures. Enabling start-ups, for example, to participate in accelerator programs like the top-ranked SpinLab - the HHL Accelerator in Leipzig. Within six weeks, the accelerator team went over to a digital format. That allows eight innovative teams to continue to work on energy, smart infrastructure and e-health topics in the coming semester. During the six-months program, startups receive help from a broad network of partners, investors, mentors and coaches in order to set up successful cooperation projects. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in start-up funding in Leipzig and beyond.

    Stability in start-up location Germany

    These various measures illustrate Germany’s reliability as an international start-up location. Conversely, start-ups represent a core strength of Germany’s future-oriented and competitive economy.

    The Corona crisis has had differing impacts on various parts of Germany’s start-up landscape: Whereas travel and mobility start-ups have suffered sharp drops in sales, business software developers have thus far only experienced slower growth. Other segments such as collaboration tools or e-health even have good prospects of emerging from the crisis stronger. During the crisis, digital business models have proven remarkably robust.

    The German start-up ecosystem will not disappear – that much is already evident. Compared with other actors in the economy, entrepreneurs and investors will be empowered and emerge from the crisis more quickly. The hope is that young tech companies will become even more central to the overall economy because they are more engaged in innovation and change and more adaptable than other sectors of the economy.

  • Digital Hub Potsdam

    Digital Hub Potsdam

    The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has turned the world upside down. Many companies had to restructure their businesses and the way how people work together. MediaTech is a driving force in those transitions and can be very helpful. It is any audio- or video related technology and business in a digital world.

    Potsdam enjoys worldwide renown as a location for the media and film industry. The MediaTech Hub Potsdam is a center of excellence that connects medium-sized businesses and larger corporates with new innovation partners from the scientific and startup communities specifically targeting technology-driven and industry agnostic media technologies. With its start-up accelerator, lab, conference and an interdisciplinary community, the MediaTech Hub Potsdam provides the ideal ecosystem to turn an idea into a successful business.

    Digital Hub Potsdam

    CI HUB

    hub-potsdam-logo-CI-HUB hub-potsdam-logo-CI-HUB

    CI HUB is a platform for content integration and efficient marketing production. It creates open, seamless branding processes within tools like Adobe CC or Microsoft Office.

    Find our more about CI HUB


    feelbelt Logo | © XR Bootcamp

    Feelbelt is THE gadget to bring your favorite live events back to life. Just plug it into your smartphone, home cinema or gaming console, and FEEL your beloved songs, movies and game.

    Find out more about Feelbelt

    XR Bootcamp

    XR Bootcamp Logo | © XR Bootcamp

    XR Bootcamp makes companies ready for their next XR project by teaching employees the skills they need to develop VR/AR projects in-house.  In an economy that relies on remote working tools now more than ever, the demand for VR/AR skills and tools is rising steeply. With us, companies don't have to outsource to expensive agencies, but can save time and cost by upskilling their development teams and developing VR/AR solutions in-house.

    Find out more about XR Bootcamp


    Logo visionYOU | © VisionYou

    visionYOU supports schools in digitizing their classes and providing the necessary infrastructure. The company also develops its own apps, educational films and interactive learning units.

    Find out more about visionYOU

    Yoona Technology Solution

    Logo YOONA | © YOONA Technology Solution

    YOONA Tech is a scalable Artificial Intelligence based B2B software solution, which shortens the fashion design process to some simple clicks. By using design, sales and trend data YOONA proposes new promising designs data.

    Find out more about YOONA Tech

  • Digital Hub Mannheim / Ludwigshafen

    Digital Hub Mannheim / Ludwigshafen

     The 5-HT Digital Hub Mannheim/Ludwigshafen is Europe’s fastest growing „Digital chemistry & health ecosystem” and located in the Rhine-Neckar region, in South-West Germany. Besides its corporate founding members and shareholders BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, hidden champion Pepperl+Fuchs and tech-giant SAP, more corporates like Merck, Phoenix Pharma, Roche and Gelita became active sponsors of the 5-HT Digital Hub. In addition, the regional startup support institutions Heidelberg Technology Park, Startup Mannheim (mg:gmbh) and Technology Center Ludwigshafen (TZL) are network partner and shareholders. The 5-HT Digital Hub is offering various programs to support entrepreneurial activities.

    Digital Hub Mannheim / Ludwigshafen


    Atrigam Logo | © Atrigam GmbH

    Atrigam empowers everyone to build tailored solutions for a specific task in minutes, 
    collaborate with others immediately on-demand and adjust as needed on the go, e.g. in crisis.

    Find our more about Atrigam


    Bosestein Logo | © Bosestein

    Bosetein is a Stuttgart based emerging startup that has developed an autonomous hygiene inspection sensor ‘ReBIS’ to keep track of the hygiene condition of meat products and the production lines in real-time. 

    Find out more about Bosetein

    Medical Cooling

    Logo Medical Cooling | © Medical Cooling

    Our Ventilator offers cooling to reduce the brain damage of resuscitation and stroke patients, where through COVID related blood cloth might be more cases, it helps to manage fever.

    Find out more about Medical Cooling


    Logo PosterLab | © PosterLab registered trademark 2020

    "Spread & Feed": PosterLab Provides the right tools to researchers and the university communication departments to multiply the reach, funding & impact of early-stage research, in 1-click.

    Find out more about PosterLab


    Logo Qyobo | © © QYOBO GmbH 2020 – All rights reserved. “QYOBO” is a registered trademark of QYOBO GmbH, Germany

    QYOBO is a Munich-based big data analytics startup in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Its market analytics platform supports partners with crucial insights on market participants, trade flows and supply chains to navigate lockdown-related bottlenecks and supply shortages.

    Find out more about QYOBO

    Raccoon World

    Raccoon.Recovery makes engaging physical rehab available for everyone in need. This startup helps people after injuries and neurological diseases not to drop a course and recover with fun.

    Find out more about Raccoon World

    Treye Tech

    Logo Treye Tech | © Treye Tech

    Take control at a glance: Innovative Treye Tech technology (Pat. pend.) based on multiple years of research in eye gesture control, brings the opportunity to herald a new, touchless era of human-machine-interaction.

    Find out more about Treye Tech

  • Digital Hub Karlsruhe

    Digital Hub Karlsruhe

    Digital Hub Karlsruhe builds upon the region’s unique set of competences in the field of applied AI and drives adoption of AI in business. Honoured by the German federal government in 2017, the digital hub has its focus on four major issues: Increasing visibility and cooperation of AI experts from business and academia. Providing the best ecosystem for AI start-ups. Enabling SMEs and corporates to adopt AI solutions in their business models and to ensure hands-on learning tools & demonstrators of applied AI. Since July 2019, the digital hub receives also funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg.

    Digital Hub Karlsruhe


    neohelden Logo | © Neohelden GmbH

    Neohelden offers an AI-assistant that can be used to answer questions at scale. They currently have deployed 3 Coronavirus-chatbots that support citizens and SMEs in the crisis.

    Find our more about Neonhelden.


    Evoach Logo | © Evoach has full copyright for the logo and grants GTAI free usage for the campaign.

    evoach is a web-based, intelligent self coaching application without a real coach involved. No need to stop reflecting and evolving on critical topics while working remotely. Try our conflict resolution module for free during Covid-19 crisis.

    Find out more about Evoach


    10erKarte Logo | © 10er Karte has full copyright for the logo and grants GTAI free usage for the campaign.

    10er Karte offers an online marketplace with its integrated payment functionality lowers the barriers for customer acquisition and retention. The sections payment model helps local businesses to bridge the tight financial reality of today.

    Find out more about 10erKarte

  • Digital Hub Hamburg

    Digital Hub Hamburg

    As Covid-19 is taking the world by storm, entire process chains and business areas are paralyzed. At the same time, the logistics industry is working at full speed to secure an adequate supply of supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals and other critical industries. Thus, now is not the time to raise the white innovation flag - quite the contrary!

    And for that reason the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg launched the Fast Mover Support campaign; to inspire Startups to come up with solutions to improve the currents situation. The Fast Mover Support include three areas of innovation: Last Mile & Retail, Global Supply Chain and Health Infrastructure. A jury - consisting of various experts from official Hub Partners - selected the winner of each category. The three winning Startups received 3000 Euros to further support their ideas.

    Digital Hub Hamburg

    Breeze: indoor air quality

    Logo of Breeze Logo of Breeze | © Breeze

    Breeze is developing the future of environmental sensing and analysis software. Their miniature air quality sensors measure all important pollutants - for example soot, nitrogen oxides, ozone, fine dust and many more.

    Find our more about Breeze

    NautilusLog: digital logbook for shipping

    Logo of NautilusLog Logo of NautilusLog | © NautilusLog

    NautilusLog is a digital logbook adapted to the needs of the maritime industry. Especially in times of Covid-19  the relevance of such digital solutions becomes apparent once again.

    Find out more about NautilusLog

    BOXXPORT: best container prices


    BOXXPORT brings it all together to help you buy, sell, lease, auction and manage your containers online.

    Find out more about BOXXPORT

    CloseLink: technology for the maritime industry

    Logo of CloseLink Logo of CloseLink | © CloseLink

    CloseLink is an online procurement platform for leading ship supplies. The platform combines an online software to optimize operations with a broad network of suppliers globally – no face to face contact necessary. 

    Find our more about CloseLink

    DuckTrain: shaping future transportation

    Logo of Ducktrain Logo of Ducktrain | © Ducktrain

    Ducktrain elevates short haul logistics to a new level of efficiency:  it's electric, automated, flexible and highly maneuverable – this offers many advantages, particularly in times of Covid-19.

    Find out more about DuckTrain

  • Digital Hub Leipzig

    Digital Hub Leipzig

    Find out more about the start-ups from the Smart Infrastructure Hub in Leipzig. The hub focuses on energy, smart city and e-health and connects academia, corporates and startups.

    Digital Hub Leipzig

    Air-Q and Solaga: healthy air in the home office

    Logo of air-Q Logo of air-Q | © air-Q

    Class 8 alumni air-Q has developed a smart device for monitoring air quality, and notifying you of potential harmful impurities in your air. Meanwhile class 9 alumni Solaga has developed a picture frame containing natural algae, which can actively clean the air in your space.

    Logo of Solaga Logo of Solaga | © Solaga

    The combination of both innovations delivers better air quality indoors.

    Find our more about

    Keleya: Pregnancy App

    Logo of Keleya Logo of Keleya | © Keleya

    Not only do you have to keep yourself and others safe, you have to ensure the well-being of that baby developing inside your body.
    Class 6 alumni Keleya is a Berlin-based startup that has developed an app to help coach you through the phases of pregnancy.

    Find out more about Keleya

    Mementor: sleep better in sleepless times

    Logo of mementor GmbH Logo of mementor GmbH | © mementor GmbH

    In these sleepless times, it is important to ensure that our immune system works optimally. A good night's sleep is a key prerequisite for this. mementor has developed an online training developed by sleep researchers that helps to cope with sleep disorders: A clinical study shows that problems with falling asleep and staying asleep can be successfully treated with the digital application.

    Find out more about mementor

    Mindance: Well-being in difficult times

    Logo of Mindance Logo of Mindance | © Mindance

    In a world that is currently only breeding chaos, well-being is no longer a matter of course.
    Class 6 alumni MINDANCE has developed an app that focuses on helping people achieve more mindfulness and strength mental health.

    Find our more about MINDANCE

    Tex-lock: bicycle lock made of high-tech fibers

    Logo of Texlock GmbH Logo of Texlock GmbH | © 2020 Texlock GmbH

    Class 4 Alumni Tex-lock has developed a bicycle lock made of high-tech fibers. The ART 2 security certified lock carries many obvious advantages: soft surfaces protect the bicycle frame, and the high flexibility allows secure connections to solid objects.
    Tex-lock bicycle locks are manufactured in Leipzig, and the company is one of the few startups with a female founding team.

    Find out more about tex-lock

    Vizzlo: The graph to communicate every idea from the homeoffice

    Logo of Vizzlo GmbH Logo of Vizzlo GmbH | © Vizzlo GmbH

    Vizzlo is a class 3 alumni that has developed a SaaS product to help create beautiful graphics and charts, in much less time than traditional products such as PowerPoint.
    We don’t know how long we’re going to be in this mess. From the simplest pie chart to complex data visualizations, Vizzlo has the graph to communicate every idea from the Homeoffice.

    Find out more about vizzlo

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