Industry Overview

Invest. Innovate. Internationalize. Industry Clusters in Eastern Germany

Issue 2016/2017

Invest.Innovate.Internationalize. Industry Clusters in Eastern Germany Invest.Innovate.Internationalize. Industry Clusters in Eastern Germany | © GTAI

Today, just a quarter of a century after reunification, Germany’s economy is in excellent shape. Employment levels are at an all-time high, with unemployment rates con­tinuing to fall and labor market developments making a real difference to income levels and the wider economy. Investment, innovation and internationalization provide the basis for the region’s course of sustained economic growth. The high density of innovative networks, research orga­nizations and academic institutes in the new federal states provides the foundation for a market-driven, knowledge-based economy which makes close working partnerships between science and industry possible. Optimized innovation management measures and partner­ships with world-class research providers allow compa­nies to significantly reduce their R&D costs. These factors, and an array of innovation-supporting instru­ments, have helped establish Eastern Germany as one of the world’s most attractive future-technology investment regions.

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