Bonn Office

Please find below the different travel options, as well as a reference to Google maps for more information.

Map (Google maps)

Public Transport Connections from Bonn Central Station

Bus line 605

  • Towards "Oedekoven Rathaus" or "Alfter Hertersplatz"
  • Bus stop "Agentur für Arbeit"
  • Every 20 minutes

Bus line 606 and 607

  • Towards "Malteser-Krankenhaus"
  • Bus stop: "Carl-Schurz-Strasse"
  • Every 20 minutes

Bus line 608 and 609

  • Towards "Hardthöhe/Südwache"
  • Bus stop: "Köslinstraße" or "Edith-Stein-Anlage"
  • Every 20 minutes

Approach by Car

You reach the site of the BMWi in Bonn, on which the GTAI office in Bonn is located, on the highway 565.

From the south, take exit "Hardtberg".

From the nothth, take exit "Lengsdorf".

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