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Event: Feb 07, 2019 Location: Essen, Germany

SINTEG connects – Update for the Energy Transition made in Germany @E-world 2019

SINTEG connects @ E-world 2019 e-world 2019 SINTEG Forum | © GTAI

Germany Trade & Invest presented in corporation with the representatives of SINTEG at the E-World 2019 in Essen.

The forum session “SINTEG connects” on Wednesday, 7 Februar was organized by Germany Trade & Invest with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and five SINTEG show cases – GTAI informed with following speakers about SINTEG projects and success stories in the German energy market. It provided information for international companies about the status quo of the German energy transition.

Please find the presentations held during the event below.

SINTEG connects – Update for the Energy Transition made in Germany

SINTEG programme: Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition

Tom Ryssel, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

C/sells - the future of energy is cellular

Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter, Project Manager C/sells/ Managing Director, Fichtner IT Consulting

DESIGNETZ – A decentralised and self-organising integrated energy system of the future

Torsten Knop, Innogy

enera – the next big step for energy transition

Ulf Brommelmeier, EWE

NEW 4.0: a blueprint for electrification and sector coupling

Marleen Marks, HAW Hamburg, NEW 4.0

WindNODE – Showcasing Smart Energy Systems from Northeastern Germany

Markus Graebig, WindNODE

Moderation: Anne Bräutigam, Senior Manager, Germany Trade & Invest

(Schaufenster intelligente Energie / Smart Energy Showcases)

Designed to fund research into innovative technologies and systems for energy supply in the future, SINTEG funds five model regions for smart energy, each with a specific focus (details below).

The priority topics subject to research for Germany's Energy Transition are the integration of the increased renewable energy production into the overall supply, the flexibility and stability of the national grid, energy efficiency and the construction of intelligent energy grids. Established in 2016, the SINTEG programme currently has over 300 partners and will receive funding of more than EUR 200 million up to 2020.

The five model regions are:

C/sells“Over 30 living labs for connecting grids and markets" - In Bavaria, Baden-Württemburg and Hessen, focussed on optimising production and consumption of solar energy.
Designetz“Linked up using creative energy" - In Nordrhein-Westphalia, Rheinland-Palatinate and Saarland, focussed on using solar and wind energy to supply urban and industrial centres.
enera“The next big step in the energy transition" - In Lower Saxony, focussed on grid services, to stablise grids locally and improve the reliability of energy supply from renewable energy.
NEW 4.0“Blueprints for electrification and sector coupling" - in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, focussed on ensuring that the region will be powered by 70% regenerative energy by 2025.
WindNODE“Showcasing smart energy systems from northeastern Germany" - All five former Eastern states and Berlin, focussed on efficiently integrating renewable production into a system of power, heat and mobility.
German Map with SINTEG (Shop window for intelligent engery) German Map with SINTEG (Shop window for intelligent engery) | © Sinteg

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