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RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum 2020

Meet us at the RPA & Smart Automation Germany Forum on April 22, 2020 in Berlin. 

Event: Apr 22, 2020 Location: Berlin, Berlin
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Meet our industry expert Dr. Josefine Dutschmann and learn more about business opportunities in Germany.

Make an appointment now and meet us in Berlin!

Quadriga Forum | Berlin-Mitte, Germany

Make an appointment now in which we:

  • introduce our company and its services,
  • examine and discuss current trends and business opportunities,
  • provide you with an overview of the public funding available,
  • present the most recent developments and data on this market.

All inquiries and discussions are treated confidentially. All support services are free of charge.

We look forward to your attendance and to meeting you in Berlin!

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Step by step to success - have a look at our comprehensive line of services and see how we will help your business grow in Germany.

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