Event Medical Biotechnology

Webinar Review: Funding Options for Life Science Companies | Webinar Series: Succeed in Germany’s Healthcare Market 2015

Event: Oct 20, 2015 Location: WEBINAR Series

October 20th, 2015 | Funding Options for Life Science Companies

Moderation, Opening Remarks and Germany Trade & Invest Services

Omar Oweiss | Director | Washington Office | Germany Trade & Invest

Overview Funding Options in Germany for Life Science Companies

Friedrich Henle | Senior Manager Investor Consulting | Financing & Incentives | Germany Trade & Invest

Your Access to the German Life Science Landscape (Bioregions, Bioclusters)

Dr. Sandra M. Bütow | Senior Manager Investor Consulting | Chemicals & Healthcare | Germany Trade & Invest


Bettina Zidorn | Office Manager Europe | Blackrock Microsystems Europe GmbH

Interactive Q&A

Webinar stream

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