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Digital health accelerates in Germany

Germany's digital health sector set for double-digit growth

Berlin (GTAI) - What do you get when you cross an ageing population with an innovative digital business infrastructure and a world-class healthcare system? In Germany at least, you get a digital healthcare industry predicted to grow 21.4% between 2015 and 2020, when it will represent a significant share of the global industry’s anticipated $200bn valuation. This growth is a part of the rationale behind a new accelerator program, aimed specifically at the digital health industry, which was launched in Berlin last week.

The program is run by Startupbootcamp, a global accelerator group with industry-focused programs. It is designed to overcome the challenges such a rapidly-growing and cutting-edge technology industry commonly presents: namely ensuring consolidation of isolated products and services, along with system interoperability, regulations, diametric stakeholder interests and lack of seed funding. Based in Berlin, the start-up capital of Europe, it is anticipated there will be a lot of interest.

“Germany has a unique set of conditions, which should combine to make the country a digital health hub,” said Dr. Marcus Schmidt, Director of Life Sciences at Germany Trade & Invest, the federal economic development agency. “A current life expectancy of 81 years in Germany means that by 2035, as much as 33 per cent of Germany’s 81 million population could be over 65. But despite the improved longevity, this is also an increase in the healthcare system workload.

“There is therefore a significant requirement to ensure that the healthcare system is digitalized, and that full use is being made of big data for patients and their health cards, as well as the telematics data for health implants such as pacemakers. “We are looking to programs like the Startupbootcamp accelerator to discover and develop integrated digital health solutions to help a young industry achieve its potential, and which will in turn attract innovative companies from around the world to invest in a rapidly-rising digital health market.”

Dr. Schmidt will be chairing the international session at the upcoming conhIT conference in Berlin, Europe’s leading health IT trade fair, on April 20. He will also be moderating a series of presentations at the show’s international networking lounge, including a session entitled ‘Understanding the German Health IT market’, where the German system, digital infrastructure and investment opportunities will all be showcased.

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