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Energy Storage in Germany: Asian firms powering ahead

Energy Storage Summit Japan 2014

Berlin (gtai) - Energy storage is on the brink of a boom in Germany. EuPD Research expects more than 100,000 residential storage units to be installed in the country by 2018, up from 6,000 in 2013. This year has seen the inauguration of a 5 MW / 5 MWh battery park in Schwerin and the announcement of many other large projects, including a 30 MW park in Magdeburg, suggesting that grid-scale applications are starting to gain traction too. The developments have not gone unnoticed internationally. Asian investors are looking to Germany as a pioneering storage market with the best conditions for growth.

“There is a huge investment potential in Germany for Asian energy storage companies,” says Thomas Grigoleit, energy and environment industry expert at Germany Trade & Invest. “Germany is at the cutting edge when it comes to renewables and is home to world-class expertise and research. The German balancing energy market is open to all that qualify and the conditions for residential systems are also opportune.”

Thomas Grigoleit will be at Energy Storage Summit Japan 2014 in Tokyo to discuss current energy storage sector investment and funding opportunities, developments and trends. He will also give a presentation highlighting the numerous advantages Germany has to offer investors in the energy storage business.

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