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German exports take a welcome upturn

Germany’s export economy remains healthy

Berlin (gtai) - Provisional data indicate that Germany’s export economy remains healthy despite the current global economic uncertainty. National statistics service Destatis reports that exports in February increased by 4.1% year on year, while the foreign trade surplus improved by €400m for the same month year on year, allowing for calendar and seasonal adjustments. Most notably, exports within the EU rose by 5.5%, underpinning Germany’s strong position as a manufacturer of quality goods within the EU area.

“The label ‘Made in Germany’ continues to command respect both inside and outside of the EU, as these figures show,” said Dr. Benno Bunse, CEO of Germany’s economic development agency Germany Trade & Invest. “We are particularly pleased that our exports within the EU continue to be strong. This shows how well-placed Germany is within the EU, and how investment in a manufacturing location in Germany can add value to a product both with the ‘Made in Germany’ label and with its position as a gateway to the EU for intercontinental investors.”

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