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Germany Introduces New Digital Programme

State Secretary presents a 12-point plan for Germany's digital transition

Berlin (gtai) - A conference in Berlin on Thursday September 22 took on the subject of digitalisation in Germany, in particular, examining how the process of digitalisation can be applied across industries. At the Konferenz Digitaler Wandel (Conference on the Digital Transition), which was attended by a diverse selection of 300 thinkers from business and government, Dr. Rainer Sontowski, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, introduced the Aktionsprogramm Digitalisierung (Digitalisation Program of Action).

The programme features 12 points of action, among them improving support for digital hubs, improved digitalisation of the energy, finance, mobility and health industries, and improving the mobility of private venture capital into the German digital industry. Germany has made big inroads into the digital economy and digitalisation of business as a part of the Digital Strategy 2025 and under the twin concepts of Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things, both aiming to create intelligent production and assessment tools which link and react with each other digitally.

Dr. Sontowski's Program set out the priorities for the next 12 months to help Germany in the strategic direction. "Technological advance, in particular the development of all aspects of the digital economy, is at the heart of our business society," said Dr. Benno Bunse, CEO of Germany Trade & Invest. "The German government is striving to ensure that Germany remains at the cutting technological edge of the development of this economy. This programme, in particular improving the mobility of venture capital into Germany's digital economy is another important step towards realising our digital targets."

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