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Germany’s education in MINT condition

OECD report places Germany’s education system on top position

Berlin (GTAI) - An OECD report on Tuesday placed Germany’s education system top of the charts in terms of students starting and finishing degrees across the disciplines of maths, information technology, natural science and technology (abbreviated in the report to MINT). The ‘Bildung auf ein Blick’ (education at a glance) report praised Germany’s education system generally as a strong performer when measured against international competition, and as one which saw young people move from education into the job market with particular satisfaction.The MINT disciplines were chosen by over 40 per cent of student beginners in Germany (including advanced degrees and vocational degrees) in tertiary education in 2015, compared to the OECD average of 27 per cent. In Germany, 35 per cent of those 25-64-year-olds with tertiary qualifications obtained them within those disciplines, the largest proportion of any OECD country (25 per cent was the average).

The report also noted the integration of Germany’s education system and its labour market. The vocational training system put up especially impressive numbers: 86 per cent of young adults with a vocational qualification found a job, compared to 87 per cent of those with a tertiary qualification. Germany thus has the lowest unemployment level of 25-34-year-olds of all OECD countries as well, at 4.2 per cent compared to the OECD average of 9.1 per cent and the EU average of 10.3 per cent. Yet tertiary qualification admissions have also increased: from 43 to 63 per cent of all young adults between 2005 and 2015.

“The system has been in place for a long time,” explained Dr. Jürgen Friedrich, CEO of economic development agency Germany Trade & Invest. “It has been a central part of many development strategies, but the particular benefits we see are the numbers of foreign students willing and able to develop their lives and livelihoods here, and the advances such educational excellence affords us in crucial business areas, such as technological advance in Industrie 4.0, digitalization and implementation of the Energy Transition. “Education is a central underpinning of development strategies such as encouraging start-ups in tech industries and creating business locations with well-educated workforces. It is very encouraging to see our education system performing so well.”

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