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Germany’s innovation on the rise

Germany has taken a pace in the world’s top ten places for innovation for the first time

Berlin (GTAI) - Germany has taken a pace in the world’s top ten places for innovation for the first time, according to the Global Innovation Index, a collaborated publication from Cornell University, French business school INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

The largest economy in Europe, Germany fared particularly well in aspects of logistics and getting innovations registered and developed. The setting up of innovative industrial clusters was also noted as a strength, which will be seen as a reward for the government’s efforts to include cluster development as an integral part of the German government’s high-tech 2020 strategy.

Another notable statistic was the number one spot globally for the expenditure by global R&D companies, with an average expenditure of $7.3bn. Consequentially, Germany also ranked number one for patents by origin per billion PPP-adjusted dollars of GDP and number five in industrial designs by origin per billion PPP-adjusted dollars of GDP.

Throw in a global top ranking in logistics performance and fifth place for ICT access – no doubt enabling the global leadership in country-code top-level domains per thousand people – and a picture emerges of a large country achieving excellent structures and flexibility, as well as careful nurturing of a creative atmosphere.

“The high rankings achieved by Germany show how well we are doing in our stated objective of becoming a global centre for innovation,” said Dr. Benno Bunse, CEO of federal economic development agency, Germany Trade & Invest.

“Our strategy of enabling this through the flexibility created by our small-to-medium enterprise landscape, and the gathering of these into clusters, is reaping rewards. We have created an infrastructure where goods, people and creative concepts can be moved around, developed and registered with equal ease and we look forward to further developments and scores such as those from the Global Innovation Index.”

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