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Germany the world’s number two among digital experts

Study rates Germany as second most popular location among top IT employees

Berlin (GTAI) - Germany is second only to the US as a potential country to work in for the world’s digital experts. That’s according to a study published by the Boston Consulting Group and the global job platform The Network. The study, entitled “Decoding Digital Talent,” surveyed some 27,000 experts in digital fields such as artificial intelligence, data mining and app development. They gave Germany excellent marks for the working relationships, work-life balance and career development opportunities offered.

Berlin was deemed the third-best city to work in after London and New York. Munich was also highly rated. Germany, which ranked fourth in the 2014 version of the survey, leapfrogged the UK and Canada this time around. That was in part due to fears connected with Brexit. The survey showed that digital experts from countries including Spain, Denmark, Poland, Romania, China and Indonesia, who preferred the UK in 2014, now favor Germany.

“This survey is further evidence of the attractiveness of Germany for foreign digital companies and IT specialists,” says Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) CEO Robert Hermann. “The opportunities are there for those who possess some of the most coveted skills in today’s economy.”

For more on Germany’s digital economy, here’s our concise fact sheet: Link

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