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Record R&D investment opens more doors in Germany

Germany Trade & Invest organizes three investor events in the US

Berlin (gtai) - Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research announced record highs for R&D investment in the country for 2015 last week, also declaring further intended increases for 2016. The current level – EUR 14.9bn for 2015 – represents an increase of 65% on a decade ago.

The money has mainly gone into innovation research. Germany is pioneering a new future based on sustainable growth, including the fabled Energy Transition policy and the Industrie 4.0 revolution, and continues to lead the way in the global R&D landscape.

With so much importance attached to the Energy Transition policy and the acceleration of photovoltaic and wind energy, opportunities in the German energy storage and cleantech markets have experienced a massive boost in recent years.

At a lunch seminar at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto on Tuesday July 7, a breakfast seminar at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego on July 8 and a dinner at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, Los Angeles on July 9, Germany Trade & Invest, the national economic development agency, will be giving insights on the current status, future trends and investment opportunities in the US and German energy storage and cleantech markets, particularly the opportunities emerging in Germany’s Eastern states.

Renewable energy sources currently produce around 30% of all electricity consumed in Germany and this share is to be increased to at least 80% by 2050. Solar power and onshore- and offshore wind power will be the main pillars of renewable energy production. The integration of fluctuating renewable energies into the electricity grid demands innovative storage solutions and major investment in the transmission grid. In addition, Germany is looking to drastically reduce overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions, so there are also many opportunities for companies providing clean and energy efficient solutions.

Many of those opportunities lie in Germany’s Eastern states, where significant effort has been made to bring them up to speed with their Western counterparts since Germany’s re-unification 25 years ago. “Present-day Eastern Germany is a leading business location with ultra-modern infrastructure, a large pool of highly-skilled employees, and competitive labor costs,” says Peter Alltschekow, Managing Director at GTAI. “US investors stand to benefit from incredible opportunities in what has become one of Europe’s most dynamic regions.” The investor events are excellent opportunities for companies to find out more about investment potential in Eastern Germany.

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