Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

85 percent of the energy consumed by Germany’s private households is used for heating and hot water. With two thirds of the heating systems in Germany considered inefficient, upgrading old systems is a growing priority. The generous government incentives and tight building codes mean opportunities abound for heat pump manufacturers (air, ground and water-source), solar-thermal, and district heating solution providers. Energy efficiency service providers (eg. hydraulic balancing) will also find an eager market in Germany.

Industrial heat recovery, ORC, and heat storage

German industry releases more than 200 TWh in waste heat every year. That’s more than the total annual energy consumption of Denmark. Germany’s many cement works, glass factories, and steel works create large amounts of high-temperature process heat. The country also offers extremely generous federal incentives, meaning manufacturers of heat exchangers, large-scale heat storage, and ORC (heat-to-power) systems will find an extremely attractive market in Germany.

Energy consumption in German industry | © Fraunhofer ISI, September 2016


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